Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In the wild


  1. hi, magiceye.
    i'm glad you came by my blog.
    i have enjoyed browsing through your posts, beautiful photos!

    as to the haiku, i see you adhere to the 5-7-5 structure. there's nothing wrong with that, but in the english language (and most other languages) syllables are much different from the japanese sound beats (onji). 17 syllybles in english generally carry much more information than 17 onji in japanese and thus the 5-7-5 rule no longer applies.
    for more information about modern haiku you can visit matt morden's blog where he has several useful links in the sidebar (

    and by the way, i have moved to the new blogger, so you can now find me at:

  2. polona...thank you so much for your appreciation and advice. will do needful.

  3. Glad you came by my blog. You are welcome there. I will visit you often.

    I too write haigas though not much.

  4. Yes Wild is beautiful, wild is joy and wild is freedom MagicEye.

  5. Yes, I agree, it's beautiful! Thanks for visiting. Best regards from Slovenia!:)

  6. thanks for looking in on my site
    enjoying your words and pix here
    thank you